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Where fun goes to die

    The Insane World of Video Game Health Care -- powered by

    Videogame Hospital

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    3 Tips for Getting Ahead at Work by Any Means Necessary -- powered by

    Cracked Advice Board: The Workplace

    This series is so, so funny. I can’t deal with it.

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    3 Tips for Spicing Up Your Sexless Relationship -- powered by

    The best of the new Cracked Advice Boards.

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    3 Ways to Tell If Your Friend Is a Fake Person -- powered by


    Cracked Advice Board: Episode 2

    Are your friends real? Probably not.

    As anyone who has spoken with me knows, I use Cracked (dot com) quotes as a substitute for conversational skills. It’s a great website, full of interesting and well-written articles, and you should read some of them.

    Their videos, however, have always been playing catch-up. The best Cracked videos are ones they didn’t make. Their original series are hit-or-miss. Agents of Cracked is very well-written and acted, but it’s nothing the world hasn’t seen done before and done better. CrackedTV was another bright spot, but it was really just Swaim reading a Cracked article out loud with videos interspersed.

    The Cracked Advice Board series has me excited. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I do like it. It’s the first series I’ve seen to truly take advantage of being on the Internet. Every episode is so jam-packed with visual gags that it always deserves a second viewing. If this show continues, I would definitely recommend keeping up with it.

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