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Where fun goes to die

    Interpol - Tidal Wave

    3:30 - 4:00 alone prove Interpol will single handedly save music

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    Chip Kidd on Batman’s violent years VIDEO

    Batman was a murderous fuck

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    Coney Island VIDEO

    I run this blog now, you should follow it. It’s old people being weird and cute.

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    I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Kind of painful, but worth it overall

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    I Have an Important Point to Make, Over and Over

    I’ve done a lot of research. I’m writing up my findings in an article. You’ll see a lot of statistics, a lot of relevant findings, just tons of information coming at you. While I don’t want you to be confused, it’s more important that you be as angry as I am. So it comes down to this: I’m worried you might skim all these long paragraphs, get the gist but not get as worked up as I am, so I’m going to revert to this tactic.

    I am repeating this sentence and increasing the amount of emphases three times.

    *I* am repeating this sentence and *increasing* the amount of emphases three times.

    *I* am repeating this sentence and *increasing* the amount of emphases three times.

    *I* am repeating this sentence and *increasing* the amount of emphases THREE. TIMES.

    Hopefully now you’re as hopping mad as I am! I didn’t trust that my information would lead you to my conclusion (because either you are stupid or my idea is) so now that I’ve shouted it enough you either see that I’m right or have been harassed into agreement.

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    #gawker  #kotaku  #jezebel  #deadspin  #all those dumb websites  #hell  #even tumblr 

    I know nothing about this clip other than it is awesome. Whatever it is I can’t wait to watch it, and maybe Google it to find out more.

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    Important career advancement opportunity in Pleasantville, NY

    Important career advancement opportunity in Pleasantville, NY

    — 3 months ago

    I played James Lipton on Purchase Late Night!

    Also at 5:20 enjoy Betty White motorboating Sandra Bullock.

    — 5 months ago
    #james lipton  #inside the actors studio  #james lipton and all his little acting friends  #purchase late night  #sandra bullock  #betty white  #motorboating 

    Halo fans, this is your chance!!! Make me voice Cortana in the Windows Phone, you won’t regret it! #Chris4Cortana

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    My Oscar Predictions: 100% True, or 100% Accurate?

    — 6 months ago
    #oscars  #academy awards  #hollywood  #damn i'm good 
    DethTheory: Metalocalypse’s Liquid Albums

    This is something that’s been on my mind for a while, but I can’t find the interview that caused this dot connect in my head. If anybody knows it, there’s a Season 2-era interview with Brendon Small, probably around the mid-season hiatus, where he explained his take on recording albums to water. The conceit is that, rather than play the music through some water-to-speaker converter, a la the original water demonstration in Dethvengeance, the albums are meant to be drank. As Small explained it, people in this world drink the liquid albums, and it would basically take over their bodies during the duration of the album. The quote I can’t shake was he said something along the lines of “for the rest of the album, that’s all you experience.” I can’t for the life of me find this interview now that I care about it, but either way it’s given me some thoughts I want to dump.

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    #dethklok  #metalocalypse  #the doomstar requiem  #water Graph Walkthrough 1: YouTube wipes billions of views hired me to explain some of their more difficult graphs, take a watch and read the full article here:

    — 9 months ago
    "Calculords is a weird idea that I’d never get to see unless I made it."


    This is the only reason to make anything ever ever, ever

    — 10 months ago
    #ever ever ever